Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Career as Lecturer

I read this book last night. The author Dr. Norhasni Zainal Abidin was my favorite lecture when I was in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). I really admire and adore her!!!. She also my Fellow in 11th College UPM ( I was a President there before). Finally, I bought her book and read it. The book is a good guideline for those who are lecturer and plan to be a lecturer or have an ambition to be a lecturer. Currently, I am a  Vocational Training Officer  at ADTEC Shah Alam. My job scopes not so far from lecturer's job scopes. Furthermore, we have many addition works rather than lecturing. 

After I read this book, I realize that a career as a lecture should be more suitable for me. Since, I have a Master Degree in Corporate Communication, my career pathway should changed. I love to have a career in engineering field. But, I feel that I am not competence enough to be there. Although I have a Bachelor  of Engineering in Computer & Communication System, and I was a IT Consultant before..I think my future career should be more than that. 

Now, I am planning for my PhD Degree. Actually, during Master Degree I have a dream to have a PhD. But, my main constraint is FINANCIAL. Then, I am not sure what research should I do for my PhD?? Since I am go through many backgrounds...from Islamic education (Arabic) Multimedia... to Computer Engineering.....then to Corporate Communication.. then Vocational what's next??

My friend who is my ex-boss Dr. Hassan Alli (in future : he is now doing his PhD) said that I should go to the field that I like and have passion there. But, actually I love all those field that I have joined before..because I only do what I like and really enjoy it!!! huh... Maybe I should have a career consultant...anybody???

Back to the story, a career as a lecturer was my dream when I was in primary school. My next dream is to be a scientist and businesswomen. I think that a career as a lecturer in university will fulfilled my dreams (lecturer + scientist +businesswomen). I can market myself if I have a PhD to get a PhD?? 
to be continue.....

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  1. najah...good luck!!!
    (note: besar sikit font boleh?..hehe)

  2. TQ tu masih dlm perancangan jer.... hehehe...saya malu2 kucing...tu guna font kecik tu..hehehe


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