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Ministry of Moment : Just Like contest

This is firts time i joined any contest in like this. Hopefully ...THIS is MY GOOD LUCK!!!!

The contest was organised by Ministry Of Moment. To be honest, I'm knowing Shafiq Akmal or famously known as Sapex from Ministry of Moment about a year before. His works is SUPERB!!! Although I've not taking any of their packages before...but I always adore their hand works and always enjoy their works through  their official page Ministry of Moment  and also from Sapex's Facebook!!!
 I flipped through of their amazing pictures, my heart says " I wish I could have this for my wedding!!!!" ( I'm not married yet!!!..hehehe)..

So.....what are you waiting for?? GRAB THIS!!!! Cos we have an excellent opportunity for you to have your dream pictures taken by a SUPER-professional photographer and YOU TOO can pose like a superstar!

Here’s the deal.

Shafiq Akmal or famously known as Sapex from Ministry of Moment, who is also my official wedding photographer *ahem* has kindly offered to give away FREE photography package worth RM2,000 (inclusive of an album) to one lucky blogger. *OMG OMG BESHHHH!!!*

Not only that, 2 of you could also win 30% off for any photography package you choose! (That’s A LOT man!)

All you have to do is:

1. Search for MINISTRY OF MOMENT page in Facebook and click “Like”. (DONE)

2. Go to ‘Photos’ and find a folder named ‘Contest’. (DONE)

3. Pick one picture that you like from the folder and write a creative entry in your blog with the title; Ministry of Moment : Just Like contest and tell us why do you like that picture. (DONE)
4. Under the picture, type; source: Ministry of Moment with link (DONE)

For example:

This is MY STORY :

I really like this picture. I saw this picture before this contest. I always go to Sapex's FB to see this pic. This is our friends picture..Am & his wife at South Korea (i think soo) during FC Marquis Trip.  This photo look so romantic!!! I’m really jealous to both of U!!!! Futhermore, it look very natural & spontaneous!!! I hope that I can have a photo like this….and also hope that I can go to South Korea to have a pic like this!!! (same place...different person of course!!!)

People out there…you should have MoM’s hand touch too!!!!

Who’s MoM
Who are they? A small, tightly knit group of professionals who, each in their own right, is instrumental in the creations at Ministry of moment. They are specialist in wedding, portraits and travel photography. They love to travel (like me!!!), as our grandparents said, the more we travel the we see. 

'”Some says a picture worth a thousand words. So please Ministry of Moment. Please make my precious moment worth a billion words'”

5. Once done, leave the permalink of your entry in the comment box of this entry together with your facebook’s username. (DONE)

Other information that you need to know:

1. You can enter as many entries as you like, and the entry can be either in English or Malay only.
2. There is no specific format for the entry. You can make it long, short, funny or even formal like Chedet ‘s blog, its all up to you based on your creativity. You can also add some information on everything you know about Ministry of Moment to add more points! ;) *hint hint*

3. Upload the yellow poster in your entry and you can place it anywhere. At the beginning, middle, or at the end of your story, doesn’t matter.

4. Contest ends : 30 November 2010 (12pm).

Simple right?

And just this to win the RM2,000 worth of prize??? Tell me you’re in!!!!

The photography package covers outdoor activity. So if you’re getting married, you can use it as your PRE or POST wedding pictures! If married, you can use it as your family photo.

If you not married (like me!!hehehe) AND ALSO not getting married any time soon, then just call up your bestfriends, pick a location that you want, and take lots and lots of BFF pictures! With the FREE album summore... OMG.... I yang excited! Really EXCLUSIVE!!!

So guys, what are you waiting for??? GRAB THIS!!!!
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